MGA Roadster 1955-65   

Type: in line water cooled
no of cylinders: 4

ke: 73.025 x 88.9mm
capacity: 1489cc
compression ratio: 8.3:1
valve o

peration: pushrod overhead valve.
carburation: twin semi-downdraught su.
power output: 68bhp @ 5500rpm

late cars: 72bhp @ 5500rpm
maximum torque: 77lb ft @ 3500rpm.clutch & gearbox: dry clutch, part synchromesh 4 speed manual.
brakes: lockheed hydraulic, 10″ drums all round.

tyres: 5.50-15″ on 4″ rims with steel disc or centre lock wire wheels.
suspension: front; coil springs, wishbones and lever arm dampers. rear; live rear axle, half elliptic leaf springs and lever arm dampers.wheelbase: 7’10”
track: front; 3’0″
width: 4’9.25″price on introduction in 1955: ?595

number built: 58,750
maximum speed: 98mph
acceleration: 0-60: 15.6 secs.
fuel consumption: approx 27mpg.