MG MGB Roadster

MGB Midget – Renovations process of the Car

Renovation of the Historic Vehicle

Each restoration is a long process, sometimes lasting even years. However, it is worth to wait for the results of the work because they are really impressive! renovation from start to dismantle the body and check for general condition. body is brought into repair flashing and the rest part lementów vehicle goes to the workshop, where it is dismantled. the site blacharskim body is sandblasted and protected against corrosion. after the application of epoxy primer and filler, paint the selected color. chassis and cut on a single drive part. every element is carefully inspected by us, faulty components are replaced or leeched (if they can no longer get on the market). replace all wearing parts system (eg. bearings, rubber parts) and electrical installation. also carry out overhaul of the drive unit including checking the status of individual units. including check head condition, the engine block, cylinders, crankshaft together with cradles. We remove the old fluids and sediments accumulated. completely renovating brake system and the suspension system. Each element is subjected to a thorough analysis and examined for damage. cleaned, repaired and secured back into place. some of the components – eg. brake lines and fuel – are immediately replaced by new ones. the last step is to submit all of the elements restored together. body is joined to the chassis, install trim, windows and trim. refreshed and repaired upholstery falls into place. after testing efficiency regulations and the car is ready to drive! We provide technical examination and setting the wheel geometry. we test drive the car and pay the owners renovated. the whole process is documented photographs, the owner receives at delivery.

Renovation of the car is a long-term project, lasting sometimes for several months. oldtimer everyone who goes to our workshop has a chance for a second youth. restore his heyday start of the project. It includes time work schedule and determines the order of their execution. at the request of the owner of the vehicle you can make changes. first of all these changes in the technical parameters (higher power drive unit) and the appearance of the car (eg. change the type of upholstery and interior trim). we also realize projects whose task is to improve the comfort of everyday use. in our workshop we perform renovations brands such as Aston Martin, Mercedes, Jaguar MG, Porsche, Lotus and Rolls-Royce. we also deal with other cars, which leads to a good technical condition and fully functional. on detailed information please contact us at the email or phone or visit our website dedicated to the restoration of historic cars

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